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An examination of a particular product or service (hardware, processed material, software). This audit is to evaluate whether the product conforms to requirements for instance, the specifications, performance standards, customer requirements, etc. Product Inspection (PI) or Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can be regarded as part of a product audit. Elements examined include:

- by scope

Product Audit

  • Product Characteristics

  • Packaging

  • User Instructions

  • Product Performance

  • Shipment Preparation & Protection

  • Other requirements

Process Audit

Process audit is performed to verify that the processes are working within established limits. It examines an activity to verify that the inputs, actions and outputs are in accordance with defined requirements.

System Audit

System audit is a comprehensive audit conducted on a management system. This type of audit is normally conducted based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, where all the elements stated in the standard shall be covered during the audit. This audit also evaluates an existing quality program to determine its conformity to company policies, contract commitments and regulatory requirements. The audit will look into everything within the system for example, processes, products, services and supporting groups such as purchasing, customer service, design engineering, training and etc.

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