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Internal audits are the first-party audits and are audits of an organization’s product, process or system conducted by employees of the organization.

First Party Audit

- By Auditor & Auditee Relations

Second Party Audit

Process audit is performed to verify that the processes are working within established limits. It examines an activity to verify that the inputs, actions and outputs are in accordance with defined requirements.

Third Party Audit

A third-party audit is performed by an audit organization independent of the customer-supplier relationship and is free of any conflicts of interest, Independence of the audit organization is a key component of the third-party audit.

The audit may result in certification, registration, recognition, an award, license approval and etc. An example of a third-party audit is the audit conducted on an organization by certification bodies eg, SIRIM QAS International for the purpose of certification to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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